GE Building 66 Exterior

Scope of Project:
General Electric converted building 66 from an industrial manufacturing building to the new battery manufacturing building and 60,000 square feet of new office space.

A new HVAC system was designed for the office space utilizing new gas rooftop units. Individual temperature control zones were derived by a variable air volume (VAV) control system. VAV boxes with hot water reheat coils are installed to serve the zones throughout the office spaces. A central heating hot water plant provides hot water for distribution throughout the building. This boiler is sized to provide the entire heating hot water load to support the reheat coils and fin radiation installed in the system. A single base-mounted circulating pump will be installed to serve the hot water distribution system piping and terminal units. Some fin tube radiation has been designed to serve high heat loss areas such as lobby perimeter to offset large glazing areas. Vestibules are supplied with hot water cabinet heaters.

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