Gideon Putnam – Ballroom Renovation

Scope of Project:
Provide a new air and lighting design to facilitate the complete remodel of the existing ballroom at the Gideon Putnam Resort with minimal impact on existing systems.

Taking special consideration for the architectural “clouds” and chandeliers featured in this renovation, an air distribution system was designed that would provide sufficient throw and diffusion without having adverse effects on the suspended ceiling features.  By utilizing linear bar style diffusion both occupant comfort and ceiling aesthetics were improved without causing any unwanted movement of the chandeliers. By re-using existing ductwork mains and rerouting branch ductwork where possible, the HVAC alterations were able to be done with minimal time and cost.

The lighting distribution was designed while taking into consideration the various configurations of the room that would be possible. Multiple levels of light and controls were incorporated with full dimming of the LED light fixtures specified, from full power light levels for detailed conference table work down to just a twinkling of light for more intimate occasions.

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