Lake George Visitor Center

Project Scope:

The Village of Lake George Visitors Center is truly at the crossroads of the Village. Situated at Main Street and Beach Road, it is placed for maximum visibility and use. The building is designed to take full advantage of a very tight site and was designed as a modern interpretation of the timber frame Adirondack style. Working with set road grades, the building is fully ADA accessible both at the main entrance grade and at the public rest rooms entrance.

The visitor is drawn into a staffed information center that acts like a Village concierge. From this entry point, the visitor is drawn to high quality dioramas and exhibits of the Lake George region and its history. Maybe one of the most important features for the tens of thousands of walking tourists each summer season is the large men’s and women’s public restrooms.

The HVAC system ductwork is both exposed and concealed throughout the building to add some interest and style to the soaring ceiling areas. Energy recovery ventilators are used in the toilet areas to maximize fresh air while minimizing energy use. Lighting is specially designed in each area. Display lighting is found in the interpretive area and vandal resistant lighting is in the restrooms. The rest rooms in fact are designed with high quality stainless steel, vandal resistant fixtures with extra heavy-duty carriers. The entire area is designed for heavy use and potential abuse due to the extremely busy summer season and number of visitors coming through the facility. Extra-large chases and a fully accessible basement area combine to allow complete service access to all plumbing.

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