SUNY Binghamton – Lecture Hall Student Wing Renovations

Scope of Project:
SUNY Binghamton undertook the complete renovation of the student wing of their Lecture Hall building. The building had only had minor renovations since its original construction.

Engineering services included HVAC, Electrical and Fire Protection (sprinkler) systems design. The new heating system included individually controlled fin tube radiation in each room and other hydronic terminal units throughout the building. The existing campus high temperature hot water system was used as the primary heat source and was converted to standard temperature hydronic heating temperatures through heat exchangers. The air conditioning was originally provided by an absorption chiller powered by the campus high temperature hot water system. This chiller was replaced by a pair of 200-ton conventional chillers. These chillers provide cooling for the renovated student wing as well as the lecture hall. New air handling units were provided for the basement, first and second floors of the student wing. These new units were fed from the lecture hall’s chilled and hot water systems. The old pneumatic controls system was replaced with the colleges standard digital control system. A 15KV – 480V substation was replaced in the basement to re-power the entire building.

All new electrical distribution was run throughout the building. New data closets were provided with split-type cooling systems to provide year round temperature control. New telecom wiring was designed for all classrooms, offices and other support spaces. All new LED lighting was designed throughout the student wing. Lighting included occupancy and daylight controls. A new emergency generator with associated load bank was designed to support the life-safety systems and other select portions of the building. A fully addressable fire alarm system was designed.  The existing automatic sprinkler system was replaced on all floors of the student wing with a new NFPA 13 compliant system.

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