SUNY New Paltz – New Dormitory

Scope of Project:
This project is currently in design and will provide a new 200 bed dormitory on the SUNY New Paltz campus.  The building will be LEED certified and is currently tracking to a Silver level with a possibility for Gold.  The facility will be approximately 63,000 square feet in size with three primary occupant levels along with a partial basement for building services and infrastructure.  The building will include a pitched metal roof with space for interior energy recovery air handling units.

Engineering services includes HVAC and Electrical systems design.  The new HVAC systems include full air conditioning and are provided by a two-pipe change-over fan coil system.  Air conditioning will be provided by chilled water created with a split system chiller with the evaporator located in the basement and the condensing units will be located on a flat roof. All ventilation will be provided by energy recovery air handling units.  We will also include as the primary heating source high temperature hot water distribution piping.

High voltage electrical service will include an interior primary voltage to 208 and a 3 phase transformer. Data will be provided in each bedroom as well as through a building-wide wireless system.  Door access control will be provided throughout building utilizing campus standard for integration to existing proximity card system. The new parking lot lighting will be using LED light fixtures. Also, a fully addressable fire alarm system was designed and was connected to the campus loop system. 

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